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Bauhaus "Laccio Side" Table by Marcel Breuer for Knoll

Bauhaus "Laccio Side" Table by Marcel Breuer for Knoll

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Iconic Bauhaus side table designed by Marcel Breuer. White mica laminate top, chromed tubular steel.  Produced in the USA, 1940s - signed. This is such a great table, and the laminate is so functional, you'll love it. The black seams make this one really special. Great vintage condition.

18" H x 21.5" W x 18.75" D

In an interview with a Knoll historian, Marcel Breuer described how he came to begin experimenting with bent tubular steel while at the Bauhaus:

“At that time I was rather idealistic. 23 years old. I made friends with a young architect, and I bought my first bicycle. I learned to ride the bicycle and talked to this young fellow and told him that the bicycle seems to be a perfect production because it hasn’t changed in the last twenty, thirty years. It is still the original bicycle form. He said, “Did you ever see how they make those parts? How they bend those handlebars? You would be interested because they bend those steel tubes like macaroni. This somehow remained in my mind, and I started to think about steel tubes which are bent into frames—probably that is the material you could use for an elastic and transparent chair. Typically, I was very much engaged with the transparency of the form.”

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