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Jenaer Glas

Bauhaus Tea & Coffee Set of 6 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Bauhaus Tea & Coffee Set of 6 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld

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Bauhaus glass tea and coffee set consisting of six tea cups, six coffee cups, 10 saucers, six side plates, sugar bowl and a cream jug (tea & coffee pot not included). This glass looks delicate yet is very strong - drinking from these cups is such a pleasure. The shape is so very chic, I am tempted to keep this limited set for myself - grab this before I change my mind...

Another full set just arrived! See my other listing for details. 

Designed 1924–31. Manufactured and marked at Jenaer Glas and Schott & Gen.  In 1918, the company begins producing household glass, all bearing the trade name Jenaer Glas.  In the 1930's the company's products were visibly influenced by the design concepts of Bauhaus, an important art movement. It brightest stars all put their stamp on Jenaer products. Perhaps the most famous of these is the teapot created by Wilhelm Wagenfeld. This item, arguably the most stylish teapot ever conceived, continues to be made today. I am so lucky to have this original piece of functional design! With the rise of Hitler and his Nationalist Party much of German industry was converted to military use. Jenaer Glas was no exception. The company's glass-making expertise was recruited to help in the war effort. And paid an enormous price for this. The factory was bombed heavily during the war.

Artist: Wilhelm Wagenfeld was an important German industrial designer and former student of the Bauhaus art school. He designed glass and metal works for the Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen., the Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerke in Weißwasser, Rosenthal, Braun, & WMF.

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