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Bjørn Wiinblad Papier Mâché Tray & Matchbox

Bjørn Wiinblad Papier Mâché Tray & Matchbox

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A very rare papier mâché set by one of Denmark's most famous designers, Bjørn Wiinblad. Includes a square bowl and lidded cylindrical matchbox, decorated in bright colors with fruits and birds - a fine example of Wiinblad's whimsical design sensibility. Made for Illums Bolighus, Denmark's first concept department store.

Bowl 13 x 15 x 3.5" H, Matchbox 3" W x 8" H 

Bjørn Wiinblad's passion for creation knew no bounds. His artistic expression traversed eclectic realms, from painting lavish scenes featuring opulent ladies to whimsical depictions of mythical creatures. In an era dominated by minimalism, Wiinblad's vibrant imagination brought joy and magic to the forefront. His brush danced across his canvas, infusing every inch with his unmistakable style. Fuelled by an insatiable desire to adorn, Wiinblad remained devoted to his craft throughout his life. His relentless pursuit of creativity, coupled with his lavish aesthetics and unparalleled talent elevated him to the status of a unique global artist from Denmark. Today, Wiinblad's legacy is commemorated in his authentic magical universe, seamlessly blending timeless charm with modern functionality.

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