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Blue Line by Grethe Meyer - Faience Dinner & Coffee Set. Huge Collection!

Blue Line by Grethe Meyer - Faience Dinner & Coffee Set. Huge Collection!

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Named for the fine blue line that runs along the edges of the light grey faience, Grethe Meyer's "Blue Line" received the inaugural Danish Industrial Design Prize (ID) in 1965. Beautiful and practical, the blue line is ever so raised making the dishes chic & easy to hold. Grethe did extensive research to make this the perfect dinner set that is now part of the ceramics collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Live with an icon! 

Grethe Meyer, a prominent Danish industrial designer, left an indelible mark on the design world with her creations for Royal Copenhagen. In 1960, she established her own architectural and design firm, specializing in crafting everyday items for the table and kitchen. With a keen analytical perspective, Meyer observed how people interacted within their homes, delving into eating habits and spatial constraints. Her pioneering research paved the path for standardizing product sizes. Mindful of how her designs integrated into people's lives, Meyer utilized her insights to fashion products that married beauty with practicality. She advocated for fewer, high-quality possessions within reach of individuals, leveraging her expertise in form, mass, and industrial production techniques to craft minimalist yet tactile pieces—a hallmark of Scandinavian design.

Watch a video about her design process -

 Royal Copenhagen and Alumina. Comprising 107 parts including: Dish, no. 3078; Dish, no. 3048; Bowl, no. 1059; Bowl, n.o.; Two bowls, no. 3089; Three bowls, no. 3083; Two bowls, no. 3081–4; Four bowls, no. 3042–4; Bowl, n.o..; Two pairs of salt ane pepper, n.o.; Four small bowls, no. 3082; Oval dish, no. 3079; Sugar bowl, no. 3051; Three bowls, no. 3093; Two deep plates, no. 3072; 15 dinner plates, no. 3069; 12 lunch plates, no. 3068; 13 cake plates, no. 3067; creamer, no. 3062; 11 egg cups, no. 3050; 11 pairs of bouillon cups and one extra saucer, no. 3081; Ten pairs of coffee cups and two extra saucers, no. 3042.

Vintage condition - some scratches, marks & discoloration but overall good condition.

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