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Royal Copenhagen

Bode Willumsen Stonewear Vase with Bas-Relief

Bode Willumsen Stonewear Vase with Bas-Relief

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A fantastic & unique stoneware bottle vase with handles. Two mythical figures in relief on each side, with a dark Sung glaze. This example was a test pot of item 21048 made for Royal Copenhagen in the late 1950s. Stamped "prøve" and has Bode's signature BW carving. 

7.5" H x 4.5" W

Bode Willumsen (1895 -1987) was a renowned Danish sculptor and ceramicist. He was trained as a blacksmith & received his education at Bing & Grondahl in 1918. Bode hailed from a family of artistic lineage, with his father being the acclaimed painter J.F. Willumsen. Willumsen became a signing artist at Royal Copenhagen starting in 1925. Notably, he collaborated with his friend and fellow artist, Axel Salto, sharing a workshop and studio from 1932 until the outbreak of World War II disrupted their creative endeavors due to material shortages & returned to Royal Copenhagen where he created fantastic pieces inspired by animals & mythical creatures. 

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