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Coffee & Tea Seat by Maija Heikinheimo for Artek, 1960

Coffee & Tea Seat by Maija Heikinheimo for Artek, 1960

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Incredibly chic coffee & tea set designed by the legendary Maija Heikinheimo in the 1940s.
This exceptional set features the iconic brass teapot with a rectangular teak handle, complemented by stout cream and sugar pots, all resting on a solid teak tray. It's a flawless ensemble. Manufactured by Valaistustyö Ky for Artek, this set was likely produced in the early 1960s. Lots of golden patina, if you want to polish it up you can make it shine. The pot pours perfectly - no spills! A classic piece of Finnish tabletop design.

Coffee/Tea Pot: 7" H x 9" W - Sugar & Cream 4" Diameter x 2" H, Teak Tray 9.75" Diameter x .75" H

Maija Heikinheimo (1908–1963) devoted the majority of her career to Artek, initially as a close collaborator with Aino Aalto and later as Chief Designer and Artistic Director following Aalto's passing. Heikinheimo, though immensely skilled, maintained a modest and understated presence in her work, often operating behind the scenes. She played a pivotal role in advancing the concept of 'wooden functionalism,' crafting notable pieces of functional design.
The seamless partnership between Alvar Aalto's architectural firm and Artek spanned numerous decades, with Artek contributing to the interiors of nearly all Aalto-designed locations during that era. Heikinheimo emerged as an exceptional interpreter of Alvar Aalto's vision, renowned for her ability to discern his intentions from the subtlest cues. Although she remained nearly anonymous, her designs are timeless and among the best in the world.

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