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Greenlandic Soapstone Ashtray with Baby Seal & Human Figures

Greenlandic Soapstone Ashtray with Baby Seal & Human Figures

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Hand-carved solid soapstone ashtray, from Greenland in the mid-20th Century. A baby seal, a baby human, and two tallow candle holders, along with what seems to be a cardholder adorn the rim of this very strange and highly collectible object. 

6" diameter x 2" H

The marketing of Inuit art in the south would lead to the establishment of Inuit art as a major contemporary art form which attracted international interest. The Contemporary Period of Inuit art began in 1949, when a young artist, named James Houston, introduced this art form to The Canadian Handicrafts Guild in Montreal. Pieces created during the Contemporary Period were increasingly treated as objects of sculpture, rather than curiosities.  This allowed artists to express themselves with more freedom, and deal with subjects inspired by their inner spiritual life. The Inuit artists continued to create pieces by hand using files and axes - this gives the artist more control to release the spirit and image that lives in the stone.  The carving is then brought to life by polishing the stone for many hours with differing grades of waterproof sandpaper.

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