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Tina Langhoff Pink Ceramic Vase

Tina Langhoff Pink Ceramic Vase

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Small cylindrical vase by clay artist Tina Langhoff. Inspired by the bark of a birch tree, this piece produces calm vibes with its varying shades of pink & brown.  I love how every angle of her work is different, with layers of glaze creating organic textures as found in the natural world. Contact me for more examples of Tina's work - she is quite prolific and her experimentations produce some amazing works of contemporary Danish clay art.

2.5" diameter x 4" H

Tina Langhoff:  "Just as people have different dispositions and contain many layers, so do my vessels, lidded pots and ceramics. To accommodate a multitude of impressions and feelings, I apply many glazed layers and experiment with prints, ornamentation and texture.I fire my ceramics many times to create a rough and rustic look. This process extends over several days – sometimes even weeks and months just as is the case with most works of art."

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