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Herman Miller

George Nelson Original Roll Top Action Office Desk

George Nelson Original Roll Top Action Office Desk

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This desk is a dream, not only is it the most practical desk ever designed (see below) it also has amazing provenance: this desk was owned by the legendary art dealer Samuel Kootz. Incredible painters sat with Kootz at this desk; he brought Abstract Expressionism to a new level of public appreciation with his representation of Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Adolph Gottlieb, Mark Rothko, William Baziotes, Franz Kline and many more. Definitely a lucky table!

H 28 1/2" / 32", W 49 7/16", D 32"

N° 649 Series
Wood: oil walnut, oil ash
Base: polished aluminum
Tops: laminated plastic with soft vinyl edges

Action Office was the world’s first open-plan office system and resulted from more than three years of research by the Herman Miller Research Corporation under the direction of Robert Propst. Extensive studies on human behavior in the office, environmental influences on productivity, health, and enthusiasm at work, led Propst to propose a furniture system that challenged traditional, hierarchically office organization with an open, less rigidly structured one. Desks of differing heights were to encourage alternation between sitting and standing to promote concentration and creativity and thus increase efficiency. Desks with a closable rolltop would allow unfinished work to simply remain on the desk in the evening, to be resumed the next morning without delay. Shielded and soundproof telephone tables facilitated phoning within the open office. Action Office, whose design stemmed from George Nelson and his office, was awarded the Alcoa Industrial Design Award in 1965.

Produced by Herman Miller from 1964 to 1968.

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