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Idman OY

Idman Pendant with Ice Crystal Glass & Silk Fringe

Idman Pendant with Ice Crystal Glass & Silk Fringe

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Ridiculous, this one is so good.

Incredible glass lens with ice crystals, it's truly amazing. Tempting to hold onto it for myself...I adore fringe & love winter so, it's perfect. This light absolutely charms whatever room it adorns. 

 19.7" Diameter

Idman OY: A brief History: Karl Hjalmar Idman (1872-1924) initiated his business venture with a store in 1897, initially specializing in the sale of lamps, glass, porcelain, & restaurant supplies. In 1919, he relocated to the Finnish capital Helsinki, where he established his lighting company, Hjalmar Idman Oy, in 1920, primarily focused on the sale of crystal glass. Following Hjalmar Idman's passing in 1924, his wife Astrid Idman sold the shares to Ahlström and continued her involvement in the company. The name Hjalmar Idman Oy was retained, and the transition to Idman Oy occurred in 1928. Towards the end of the decade, Idman Oy initiated the production of its own lighting fixtures (and also ventured into the manufacturing of incandescent light bulbs).  In 1953, Idman Oy acquired the majority of shares in Taito Oy, the company founded by Paavo Tynell. Paavo Tynell continued contributing to the company in a freelance capacity through his own design firm. Today, Idman is known for it's high quality fixtures and iconic designs of not only Tynell, but also Mauri Almari & Gunnel Nyman (both notable women of the lighting scene).


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