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Ingegerd Silow

Ingegerd Silow Rölakan Rug: "Båstad"

Ingegerd Silow Rölakan Rug: "Båstad"

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Made in her intriguing mix of raw sienna colors, this vintage carpet is a perfect example of Ingegerd Silow's meticulous rug design process. Made for Eric Ewers AB, 1960-1970.

79.5" x 54.3"

Ingegerd Silow (1916-2005) is renowned as one of the leading Swedish carpet designers of the mid-twentieth century. With a career spanning decades, she specialized in the flat weave rölakan style. Silow's designs are lauded for their modern interpretation of motifs and ambiance inspired by the romantic Swedish Grace Movement of the 1920s, infused with influences from her travels in the American Southwest and Mexico. Silow belonged to the second generation of Swedish textile designers, deeply immersed in the rich legacy of their predecessors - this heritage is distinctly reflected in her carpets, distinguished by the use of top-quality materials and impeccable weaving techniques rooted in folk craft traditions. Moreover, Silow's creations embody the warm minimalism inherent in classic Swedish design, leaving an enduring mark on the midcentury design scene.

In addition to her role as a designer, Ingegerd Silow showcased remarkable skill as a colorist, orchestrating captivating combinations of yarn hues. Upon closer inspection, one can observe that every color in her rugs incorporates subtle undertones of other hues present in the design. This meticulous attention to detail results in each rug bearing a distinctive "cloud" of color, characterized by an overall harmonious fusion. Silow's textile signature, boldly marked with "IS," denotes her authorship through deliberate and nuanced use of color. She stepped away from the traditional blue-green-red-black palette and infused a new life into her designs with a daring vibrance. 

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