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Kurt Østervig

Kurt Østervig: Rosewood Dining Chairs, 1960s

Kurt Østervig: Rosewood Dining Chairs, 1960s

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This set of six dining chairs is made from the most glorious rosewood. Rosewood is the world's most trafficked endangered species by value, you just cannot make them like this anymore. Absolutely gorgeous. Model 413. Manufactured and marked by Sibast Furniture. Six available: can be split into pairs upon request. Shown in a unique hand painted textile by Megan Olson. Now available in a custom textile by William Storm - hot green & black boucle! Custom upholstery also available. Priced Individually.

Artist: Kurt Østervig trained as a shipbuilder, and attachment to wood rather than steel led to his being employed as a furniture designer. In 1947, Østervig established his own furniture studio. His distinctive designs aroused widespread international interest, resulting in his work being exhibited in MoMA showcasing his extraordinary woodworking & design skills.

Artist: Megan Olson creates her own abstract language - non-decipherable and graffiti-inspired, her lettering comes to life in paintings that happen slowly and organically, like speaking a sentence full of emotion. Her technique is mesmerizing, and her vibe is completely dope. 

Artist: William Storms is a mathematically driven craftsman “fortunate enough” to have discovered the loom- whose work is an ongoing effort to produce three-dimensional work in a traditionally two-dimensional world. Straddling the worlds of Art and Industry, Storms began his weaving career with a bespoke textile studio in Brooklyn, NY in 2011- where he was quickly introduced to the world of custom handweaving for the Interior Design Trade. This exposure to crafted, custom luxury became the foundation of his practice; working next as a Designer for several prominent Jacquard Mills and simultaneously establishing his signature as an Artist. The continual focus on blending Craft with Custom Manufacturing is a staple in Storms’ body of work, as both an Artist and a Designer.


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