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Marjatta Metsovaara

Marjatta Metsovaara Rya Rug 1960s Pop Art Carpet

Marjatta Metsovaara Rya Rug 1960s Pop Art Carpet

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What a rug. Lay it on the floor or hang it on the wall, this little carpet is destined to make a statement. Made with the "Rya" handweaving technique, the coloration and design of this wool fringe will make you very happy. Designed by the legendary Marjatta Metsovaara, Finland's "Queen of Textiles," for Oy Finnrya Ab 1963. 

63.5" x 52.7" /134x161 cm. 

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Artist: Marjatta Metsovaara was one of the most productive and creative textile artists and was recognized internationally. She was known for being bold and rich in ideas using new materials. As an experimenter, she created different invented wefts in different colors and material implementations unseen before.

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