Piet Hein

Piet Hein "Roulette" Game of Teak & Black Walnut, 1962

Piet Hein "Roulette" Game of Teak & Black Walnut, 1962

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Manufactured and made by Skjøde Skjern, this is a really fun game! Spin to win! Solid Teak with Black Walnut inlay & game pieces with original leather sachet. 9.5" Square x 1" H

Directions Translated from Danish: 6 balls are required to play, the top is spun among them in the center of the bowl. Points are awarded according to the numbered holes in which the balls come to rest.  Extra points: 4 balls in a row merits 2 points, 5 in a row 5 points, and all 6 in a row doubles the points already obtained. If the top is spun so hard as to force the balls off the bowl they may not be brought into the play again. Have fun!

Artist: Piet Hein (1905-1996) - architect, mathematician, poet. He mastered it all and made Danish cultural life a little richer, a little prettier and a little wittier with his trademark lines and his quirky language. A rare ability to bring poetry, geometry and design together in a harmonious design, where function and art are weighted equally.

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