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Semi-antique Varamin Persian rug, 1940s

Semi-antique Varamin Persian rug, 1940s

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Beautiful & long Mina-Khani carpet runner, with stylized rosettes and diamond lattice. Amazing quality. Lovely shades of red, orange, blue & black.  Even wear, worn fringes. More photos available upon request.

123.25" x 42.5"

In the south-east of Tehran lies Varamin, a city rich in ancient culture and traditional artistry, particularly known for its vibrant rug-weaving traditions. Influenced by migrating tribes like the Afshar, Vafsi, and Kurds, Varamin rugs showcase intricate designs and high-quality materials, reflecting the city's heritage and the skill of its weavers.

Symbolism is a prominent feature in Varamin rugs, with motifs like 'Mina-Khani' comprised of floral elements arranged in a diamond lattice, representing the garden of paradise. These motifs go beyond decoration, serving as visual narratives that depict the weavers' tales of life, nature, and personal beliefs.

Crafted with high-quality wool from local sheep and employing the Persian knot technique, Varamin rugs exhibit a soft texture and durability, supported by a sturdy cotton or wool foundation. The weavers' meticulous attention to detail, from design to finishing, reflects their dedication and passion for the art of rug making.

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