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Swedish Rölakan Flat Weave Wool Rug (ON HOLD UNTIL 2/7)

Swedish Rölakan Flat Weave Wool Rug (ON HOLD UNTIL 2/7)

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Cheerful Swedish Mid-Century flatweave, in the Rölakan flatweave style (it's reversible!). Wonderful grey/green color to the background, with a polychrome geometric pattern in red, blue, yellow & green medallions with black detailing. Really ties the room together.

82" x 137"

The rölakan flatweave has the colors interlocked into each other,
creating ridges - unique to the rölakan technique. The rölakan is a flatweave with the same pattern on both sides which makes either side usable. The wefts are picked by hand and at each color change the wefts are laid across one another to create a solid ridge. The tightly spun weft yarn covers the warp completely and makes the surface dirt-repelling and extremely durable. The patterns always have straight angles.

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