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Ulla Hansen

Ulla Hansen Small Scalloped Bowl

Ulla Hansen Small Scalloped Bowl

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Amazing green glaze work created by legendary ceramic artist Ulla Hansen. Purchased on a recent trip to Denmark, this bowl struck me with its resemblance to natural volcanic rock. It's small size is quite deceptive, as its presence is great. A contemporary work that feels a thousand years old. 

5.5" diameter x 2.5" H 

Artist: Ulla Hansen - "My preferred shapes and forms are classically inspired by ancient, Islamic and Asian arts and crafts. My clay is the very sandy red clay from the South of Denmark. In my large trays and bowls, I add stoneware clay. I mix and clean it myself and store it for more than a year before I use it. I throw all my pieces on the wheel, after which I pull or draw lobes, make facets, cut, shape, and/or stamp bands. I give most pieces a slip - often several layers. I'm very fascinated by glazes and the hues derived from the slips and the ash and clay glazes."

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